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The Pops

Arnold Palmer icepop

Arnold Palmer

A classic, refreshing drink inspired by a Golfing legend! We brought this in during the Winter for all the golfers waiting for the season to start and it caught on with golfers and non-golfer’s alike. This light, refreshing pop is perfect for your Summer! This legend is a smooth...
Limeade Icepop


Welcome to our Limeade Icepop. Just because you’re green doesn’t mean you can’t join our Lemonade line-up as part of our Summer in January series! Be sure to check out our Pineapple, Peach and Orange Lemonades as well.
root beer float

Root beer float

We had a faint idea how popular this root beer float would be but boy is it proving popular! We think this is even better than root beer on its own and think you’ll agree too. All conveniently wrapped up for you on a no-mess stick.
hot chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate

This is a long awaited holiday favorite! It’s a beautifully creamy frozen hot chocolate Icepop topped off with real pieces of marshmallow! We used to say “it’s just like the real thing” but actually, it is the real thing, just frozen! Embrace the freeze!
Bright and lemony

Lemon Cream

Originally planned as a seasonal ice-pop, this Lemon-cream pop has been kept alive due to strong demand. This rich and creamy ice pop is balanced by the brightness of the fresh lemon juice. The lemon zest adds a pop of color and a bit of texture to top it...
Grapefruit Mint


A seasonal favorite, perfect for dipping in a glass of Gin on a hot summer afternoon, or enjoying on its own! The bitterness of the frozen, minty Grapefruit is even more refreshing than tonic water. Although this is a summery drink, we think it works year round; let us...
strawberry lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

A bright and refreshing pairing of strawberries and lemons. Tangy and sweet. Vegan


A rich blend of cocoa and coconut rounded out with the warm caramel sweetness of Medjool dates. Vegan.
Tropical refreshment

Lava Flow

This delicious tropical refreshment blends pineapple, coconut and mango with a swirl of strawberry and orange.  Tastes as good as it looks. This 3oz Vegan treat is basically your full daily fruit serving all conveniently wrapped up on a stick.
Coconut buko

Coconut cream

Inspired by the Phillipine Coconut Buko! This pop is coconut all the way through with coconut water, coconut milk and coconut shavings. Sweetened by a touch of condensed milk. It’s also delicious enjoyed drizzled with some of your favorite chocolate!

Frozen Fog

A london fog latte but oh so frosty. The classic Earl Grey tea in creamy latte form with delicate notes of the essence of Bergamot.

Vietnamese Coffee

Influenced by the Vietnamese coffee but in frozen form. This pop has a dollop of sweetened condensed milk added to dark roasted coffee and a creamy vanilla topping to finish. Great as a refreshing afternoon boost!

Strawberry Banana

The quintissential smoothie on a stick. Cold and delicious, this perfect pairing is a firm favourite for all ages. Vegan

Cucumber Lime Mint

Local Alberta cucumbers bursting with fragrance brightened up with a dash of lime and a sprig of mint. This pop is refreshing anytime, especially on a hot afternoon. Vegan

Pina Colada

Take your mouth to Hawaii! This tropical treat is packed with the natural flavour of pineapple and coconut finished off with a dash of rum extract. Vegan.

Orange Mango

A sunny fusion of the sweetness and distinctive taste of mango balanced with the citrus acidity of clementines. Guaranteed to brighten your day! Vegan

Natural Ice Pops!

Welcome to Sweetstix Ice Pops! Here you’ll find all the information about us and about the culinary adventures we’d love to take you on through the delicious world of gourmet ice pops.

About Us

A little about me

Hi I’m Marlie, the mom behind Sweet Stix Ice Pops. I take pride in these ice-pops and serve them to my own family. In fact our ice-pop adventure was born in part out of desire to find more healthy nourishment for our youngest child who had swallowing difficulties as a baby. He had no problem in sucking on a frozen treat though. However, when we struggled to find healthy, natural options we took the plunge and created them ourselves. In fact, we created these ice pops to serve entire families with their varied tastes, dietary restrictions, and nutritional requirements; we try to have something for everyone in our line-up. This includes dairy-free/vegan offerings, gluten-free options and deliciously creamy options such as our Vietnamese-coffee ice pop.

Introducing Stuart

So what’s with the penguin? Well aside from being adorably cute, Stuart is our penguin mascot. And everyone knows penguins love frozen ice pops; well this one sure does! Penguins also happen to be the favorite animal of our youngest family member, so now Stuart the penguin has joined the family too. Stuart loves to go on adventures and you will see him pop up here from time to time. He will be your guide and companion as you and he discover all about new and familiar fruit (or vegetable) and how they are grown. So please follow along and see what adventures Stuart finds along the way. You never know, he could show up in your backyard looking at your strawberry patch. It’s all part of an Ice Pop in the Wild!

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